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Today we all played strategy games and the game I played was chess. My strategy was to build a wall and have control of the 4 middle squares. This didn’t completely work but it held off my opponent for a while but my wall broke and then my strategy stuffed up and all my pieces where taken but my king but lucky for me it ended in a stale mate.

Cardboard Cart Reflection

Wow! Look, what’s that? It’s a cardboard cart.


These pie graphs show how much my group worked and how much we co operated.

The maths I did was perimeter and area it’s hard but I can help when measuring perimeter you do width + length times 2. When measuring area you do width times length times 2.

If you draw a 3D drawing the easiest thing to draw is a rectangle.What you do is draw a normal rectangle then draw another rectangle half inside half outside then join them together.