About Me

Hi my name is Darby, I come from Victoria in Australia and here is some information about me:

1. I LOVE soccer.

2. My favourite colour is blue

3. My favourite food is curry

4. I have one older brother

5. I had a dog but we had to get rid of him because he was biting

6. I’m half Japanese

7. My favourite number is 7

8. My favourite animal is a panda

9. My favourite soccer team is Arsenal Gunners

10. My favourite soccer player is Antoine Griezmann

11. My favourite actor is Kevin Heart

12. I am quiet in class but with my friends I’m too loud

13. My favourite movie is ‘Central Intelligence’

14. I have a basketball court in my backyard

15. I like watching A-League on televisions

16. My favourite fruit is mango

17. My favourite brand is Nike

18. I am good at soccer and long distance running

19. My favourite YouTubers are DudePerfect

20.  My favourite book is Gone and the rest of the books in the Gone series



  1. Hi Darby,
    As I really don’t know a lot about you this is really interesting. This is a really cool set out and I might even use it one day.
    Maybe next time have a better introduction or add that introduction into your facts.
    Keep up the good work.
    From Sophie

  2. Hello Darby,
    It seems like you are pretty internationally interested. You live in Australia, are half Japanese, love having curry coming from southeast-asia as well as rather tropical mangoes. Furthermore you are fan of a French soccer player and a British soccer club. Wow! The only thing I can add to that is this Austrian comment!
    Check out my blog:
    Greetings, Sophie

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