Preferential voting

Q1.Preferential voting is when you write down your 1st choice then your second choice and so on. If one party does not get more than half the votes the party with the least votes gets eliminated then everyone who voted for that party gets their second votes sent to the other parties.

Q2. For a party to win a election they must have half the votes plus one.

Q3. The official name of the person who counts the votes are called a counter.

Q4.Not every country uses preferential voting. Can you name one? North Korea.

Q5.Why are the advantages of a preferential voting system? If your first choice doesn’t win your second has a chance.

Q6. Why do minor parties prefer the preferential voting system? because they might get a lot of second votes instead of first.

Q7.What is the purpose of a “how to vote card”? So people vote properly.

Q8. What is a polling booth? It is a booth where you vote.

Q9. Have you ever had to vote for someone or something? What was the process? I have voted for junior school council.

Q10. Can you name the three major Australian political parties? Who are their leaders? Labor Bill Shorten and Liberal Malcom Turnbull.

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